Knee Ligament Injury And What They Can Cause

Overview Your knee is a vital human body part that can withstand a lot of punishment during sports or run. Often than not, these activities result in injuries that affect the knee ligament. Footballers, runners, badminton players, gymnasts, and sports lovers are prone to knee injuries.

Brisk walking is best exercise of all, study finds

Forget the expensive gym membership, getting up early on a Sunday to play five-a-side or adult ballet classes – the best way to keep weight down is a simple brisk walk, a major study has concluded. Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science found that people appear to get more benefit from […]

No sweat: the slow-motion workout for the over-40s

Training for short periods at a snail’s pace is the latest route to a toned body, says Peta Bee Never before have I done a gym session wearing a dress nor have I repeatedly been told to slow down. And then slow down even more. This is a workout unlike any other. It has captured […]

Animal Spirits: Get on your bike and reinvent history

REINVENTING traditional industries can be more exciting than discovering entirely new markets. In some ways, jumping on the bandwagon of the latest tech fad is easier — everyone is talking about the amazing potential, keen staff are available, funding is plentiful and there are immediate high-flyers to emulate. But tackling historic businesses can be highly […]

Your Muscles

There seems tо bе a соmmоn thоught аmоng mоѕt women – muѕсlе іѕn’t fоr me! Wоmеn are afraid that muѕсlеѕ will make thеm lооk like a bоdу buіldеr, but that іѕ nоt thе саѕе! Muscle саn асtuаllу help уоu lеаn dоwn.