Anxiety in women especially during menstrual cycle and pregnancy

Women are more likely to experience anxiety than men. In fact, the fairer sex is 2x more prone to anxiety and panic attacks than their male counterpart. And the anxiety level in women especially soars up during menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Both the said conditions lead to powerful hormonal changes and fluctuations which affect both the body and mind. Women end up being restless and extremely stressed during such phases which peak up the anxiety level.

Anxiety during menstrual cycle

Menstrual cycles lead to myriad hormonal changes in the female body which trigger different physical & emotional reactions. And all these reactions affect the mood and pique anxiety bouts. For example, progesterone and estrogen are two of the most powerful hormones which regulate menstruation. Strong fluctuations in these hormones mark the onset of periods every month and these fluctuations deeply affect energy levels, appetite and digestion system. Now, all these physiological changes affect the mood & psychological functioning in women in turn- and such effects contribute to high anxiety levels.

Additionally, women usually experience extreme pain and discomfort like bloating, heavy bleeding and cramps during menstruation. The fear of recurrence of these painful situations also cause stress in women and invariably hike up the anxiety level. It’s to mention here that women who generally suffer from anxiety disorders in general- like GAD or OCD or phobias- will experience greater level of anxiety during periods compared to those women who do not suffer from any sort of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most defining moments in the life of a woman. It’s a huge responsibility marked by excitement, joy as well as tension and stress. A would-be mom is as much jittery as much she is thrilled to welcome a loving bundle of joy in the family. No wonder, pregnant women suffer anxiety attacks time and again. According to studies, 33% pregnant women experience anxiety disorder while expecting.

Pregnancy, as mentioned previously, onsets different hormonal changes in the body. Such changes result in different physiological changes in the expecting mom like sleep disturbances, nausea, constant tendency to throw up, digestive issues, physical pain and so on. And all these changes and fluctuations in physiological conditions disturb the mind, hike up the stress level and heighten anxiety issues.

Moreover, fears and worries about pregnancy can also leave the would-be mom deeply anxious. These fears could be about the excruciating labour pain, past mishaps with pregnancy or fertility issues. Stress at workplace or home and family problem can worsen the anxiety problems further.

Treatment for anxiety during menstrual cycle and pregnancy

If the anxiety attacks persist, you should seek immediate help to prevent chronic anxiety disorder.

  • Help for anxiety during menstruation cycle:
  • Regular exercise
  • Balanced nutritious diet
  • Adequate sleep
  • Mind relaxation
  • Minimized intake of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol

Medications like anti-depressants and benzodiazepine tranquilizers like Valium may be prescribed too. Just remember Valium is a habit-forming drug and you should be careful about the dosage when you Buy Valium.

Pregnant women suffering from constant bouts of anxiety must consult their doctors. They may be referred to a psychiatrist for Congnitive-Behavioural Therapy. Meditation is also suggested for expecting mom to calm down the anxiety level.