Best Exercises for Feminine Figure

Nobody can say that Nikki Fuller or some other professional female bodybuilder got their body just by wanting it really hard. You can tell that there are hours and hours of very hard work and there are the results to show for. That is truly respectable. But, if you really want to start taking your exercising more seriously, these girls are maybe not the models you want. With all due respect to their work, and average lady would like to look a bit more feminine. Here are the best exercises to sculpt your body into a sporty and beautiful lady-like figure.


Squats and Some More Squats

This will make your butt look shaped up, lifted and sexy. It will also make your legs slimmer, well-shaped and perfectly toned. You can do deep squats or half-squats where you pretend you are sitting on a chair. You need to be very careful about how you do them. You should not allow your spine to bend and it needs to be kept straight. Your knees should be in line with your shoulders, or a bit wider. Do not do them fast if you have bad knees or bad back. In time, you may want to add some weight on your shoulders.

All Kids of Ab Workouts


It would take an entire day to list all the ab workouts that the professionals make. You get down, bend your knees, get your hands behind your head and start curling up those abs until your chin touches your chest. Do not make sudden movements or yang your body, because you may hurt your back. For the lower abs, make sure that you try to keep your legs straight and then slowly lift them while sitting on the floor. Keep them straight and try to spell your name in the air. In order to have sculpted abs, you need to exercise your back muscles as well. They keep you standing straight and that makes your abs visible.


Lunging the Day Away

Lunges are those cool exercises where you step out in front with one leg, far enough so that you can lower your hips and your other knee to the ground. Your back needs to stay straight and the knee of your front leg should not go over the line of your ankle. Beginners should take it easy, while some advanced gym rats can do these lunges jumping. That is really hard and really effective. Since the exercise is a bit demanding, make sure that you have appropriate fitness clothing that allows that range of motions. You should also always wear a sports bra to prevent damage to your coopers ligaments ad from any premature sagging of the breasts caused by the bouncing involved in the exercises. See what the girls at Get Bra Advice say about how to select a sports bra that suits your needs and keeps you comfortable while you shape up. Lunges work on your back, quads and maximus gluteus – the muscle that makes you look awesome in those short shorts.

Make That Core Indestructible

In order to have a good posture and in order to look amazing, you need a strong core. Not only will your abs look great, but you will have enough strength to do all the other exercises you want with less effort and more effect. To strengthen it, try the isometric exercise of plank. It is quite simple. You need to get down on the floor, face down, supporting your weight on the lower part of your arms – from elbows to hands and the tips of your feet. Stay in that position and rest interchangeably and the results will soon follow.

All these exercises will shape our muscles nicely. However, they will still not be visible unless you clear that fat from them. The best way is to do some cardio in a HIIT regimen. It means that your cardio activity should be in the form of high heart rate periods, interchangeably with the low heart rate periods. In simple words, you cycle as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then cycle at a low rate for 30 more. Repeating this will get you slimmer and that muscles more visible.