Butt Toning Exercises – How to Tone Up Your Butt Fast

If you desire to learn how to acquire a six pack fast, you’re in luck, because the Butt Toning Exercises is, hands down, the absolute best method for acquiring a tight, toned lower backside without any equipment or weights. Did you know that the average female has five muscles on her butt? You should know that guys have seven. That’s a lot of muscle. But when it comes to the female physique, those muscles play a much smaller role in defining what we call a sexy bottom.

For those of you who don’t know, Butt Toning Exercises (BTEE) involves a series of very specific exercise movements. Each move is specifically designed to target a particular muscle group, and then are performed in quick succession, with minimal rest in between each movement. The purpose of this movement is to, ultimately, create a very tight tone on your legs and butt. What you’ll end up with is a very toned core, while your abs and backside will remain flexible and toned. This is the foundation for creating the perfect female physique.

To perform the Butt Toning Exercises (BTEE), the first thing you will need is a squat rack and some good floor presses. Next, lay down on the floor, and lift up your legs. Squat them as high as you can, while locking your knees to avoid falling to the floor. Then, explosively squat your butt down, keeping your backside consistent with the movement of your legs. Now, squeeze your abs as hard as you can for three seconds.

As you can see, this type of squatting is a great day long workout, which will produce great results in your butt. These exercises are performed two times a week, in the morning, and in the evening before bed. This is also a great way to reduce overall body fat percentage if you are trying to lose weight at a rapid rate.

Now, for some specific information on the BTEE exercises. For one, always start with the lowest weight you can manage to lift, which is going to be around fifteen reps. If you can lift more than fifteen reps, then don’t do it for the day. Also, always try to maintain the proper form when doing the exercises, meaning that you don’t bend at the waist, but rather at the hip. This ensures that you get the most out of the exercise, and that you tone up your butt fast.

For our second exercise, Squats lunges! Start off by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, and your left foot flat and the ball of your right foot behind you. Now, as you bring your legs up, you will need to bend at the waist and push your butt back so that your rear touches the floor. Keep your back straight, and repeat on the other side. Make sure to keep your butt in the same position, and that you keep your knees straight.