Fit or Fat

My fitness level at the moment is quite good and while my gym attendance is regular and necessary, there are times that I like to vary the pace and the view. Because my boyfriend can’t come to my gym to spend any time with me, we make other opportunities like walking and jogging. Well, we’re not jogging yet, but as spring has sprung, almost, the fresh air and the chance to do some stuff outside is calling us.

At the gym I us some different apps to regulate my training as well as keep record of what I do. It sounds a bit over the top I suppose, but what’s the point of doing all this stuff and not knowing whether you are progressing? Some ios developers must have been personal trainers in a previous occupation because the apps they have developed seem to be like drill sergeants! Well, I know it’s not companies like but rather the person that thought of the app, of course. The app company just puts your great idea into something real, right?

Anyway, I have noticed that some people are using their smartphone attached to their bicep area to do the monitoring of your exercise and fitness by the use of an app. i find that a bit unwieldy when I am jogging, but they are not bad when you are in the gym. The other thing to be careful of is not to spend more money on monitoring apps than you really need to. What exactly do you want from your fitness app? mind you, sometimes after a hard day it would be nice if there was an app that actually did the exercises while you sat slumped in a corner. Then the app would pass all that stuff it did onto you as soon as you put the smartphone back into your pocket! Now that’s an app!

One of the more popular women’s fitness apps, and not sure where it originated, but you can try these guys out to find it. It’s called Nexercise. You can join other groups and compete for some rewards set up it has. Like a personal trainer it helps you achieve your goals and there is always the chance of picking up a prize if you make it.

Getting back to the boyfriend thing. We decided that as the weather improves we should really get out a lot more and that will mean not only walks and jogging in some of the local parks, but also a nice Sunday drive to the seaside and maybe some swimming or if it’s too cold, then some sand jogging on the beach. Whatever it is that rows your boat and keeps you fit has to be good for you. The main thing is not to find yourself slouched in front of the telly on a lovely sunny day watching some dumb soap instead of out walking in the sunshine. Don’t forget, Mr. Sun provides you with Vitamin C, an added benefit of a romantic walk.