Iron ladies

Weightlifting will help you lose fat, strengthen bones and improve your mood, all without building bulk. Start working with the heavy stuff Delicately untucking a strand of hair from the 105kg barbell that’s currently resting on her shoulders, Mili Leitner proceeds to squat. And squat. And hold it. Drop. The bar falls to the floor […]

Power couple

#Fitstagram stars Faya Nilsson and Zanna van Dijk have a half-hour workout to kick-start your new-year body Incredible, aren’t they? Believe it or not, there was a time when these two visions of fitness — two of the hottest #fitstagram stars out there, with 150k followers between them — looked more like you and me. It […]

How Different Countries Treat Their Elderly

The quality of life for the elderly cannot be judged solely on the basis of medical facilities available to them. Over the years, many countries have released that physical and mental health are both equally important. The rising number of adult (especially senior) depression cases makes healthcare providers worry about the state of elderly care.

Fit or Fat

My fitness level at the moment is quite good and while my gym attendance is regular and necessary, there are times that I like to vary the pace and the view. Because my boyfriend can’t come to my gym to spend any time with me, we make other opportunities like walking and jogging. Well, we’re […]

Weight training at 60: exercises you should do every day

Forget a gentle walk. Older people should be using dumbbells and building muscle, according to a public health expert If you thought old age was a time for gentle walks and light stretching, think again. Experts are now saying that people in their 60s, 70s and 80s who lift weights and do daily resistance training […]