Get Ready

Okay girls, moving on from some previous blogs in which we have covered the advantages of a personal trainer, the benefits of building muscles and a few quick recipes that add protein to your diet. This is all part of the direction we are heading to where we set a programme to lift some weights. I know, it sounds daunting and you certainly don’t want to be training for the Olympic Games. A great weight workout is a perfect way to round off the new body shape you are hoping to build.

You can spend years doing endless cardio workouts, eating a diet that was low in protein and consuming just 1400 calories a day and you will feel good and you will look pretty good too. But if you want some real definition on parts of your body, then you will have to do weight training. Your body will change again after a few months if you couple the weight training with higher protein intakes and eating more often. If you lift weight and burn fat, you will see an incredible difference.

The 12 Week Weight Program

I think I have said this before but women do not build muscles like guys do when lifting weights due to the much lower levels of testosterone in our bodies. But we will gain shape and tone up if you follow a simple program.

This program is taken from this excellent website and it’s almost guaranteed to work.

Weeks 1 – 4


Weeks 5 – 8


Weeks 9 – 12


As with everything else girls, you have to enjoy what you are doing. Don’t forget to push yourself even though at the start you’re going to feel pretty sore. Make sure you take the right supplements and vitamins. Get lifting!