Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Pull Up Bar

If you are in the market for a pull up bar and have only started looking, it may not seem as if this could be a particularly difficult task.  However, take a closer look at the wide range of products and prices available and you may see things differently.  In this article though, we will help you, by giving you some simple things to consider when choosing the best pull up bar for you.

Where Are You Going To Use It?

It may not seem particularly important, but trust us – where you are going to use your pull up bar is crucial to which product you decide to buy.  Are you for instance going to use it in a home gym, your basement or even your garage where it can be mounted permanently?  Perhaps you need to have one that can be stored in a closer or under your bed and quickly attached to a door frame when you need to use it.  Thinking carefully about where you are going to use it and whether you want it permanently up and ready to use, will help you figure out whether you want a door mounted chin up bar, joist mounted chin up bar or a wall mounted chin up bar.

What Do You Plan On Doing With It?

The next consideration may sound dumb, but trust us, it is not half as silly as it actually sounds.  We know you are buying a pull up bar of some description because you are going to do pull ups or chin ups.  What we mean is – what else are you going to use if for?  There are many bas out there with different handles for different kinds of grips.  This means you can vary your workout routine and can do various forms of pull ups, chin ups, dips and even situps using a more versatile bar.

How Important Is Quality?

When you are spending money, especially a considerable amount, on something as important as your fitness, the quality of the product in question is high at the top of the list.  You want to feel stable and safe using something that you pull up on and will want to know that it will last for long time.  The interesting thing is that the majority of bars on the market these days last a long time, but they all differ when it comes to the stability they offer you.  Reading reviews written by customers who have actually used pull up bars is a good way to guage which ones offer the right level of stability and which don’t.

Is Price Important?

Obviously the price of a product and your available budget are vital to your final decision.  We would not recommend that you buy a piece of workout equipment based solely on the price, but we understand that you may have a tight budget and can’t and shouldn’t have to purchase the most fanciest pull up bar out there.  If it is just for personal use, you could be looking to spending only double figures, but if you know it is going to be regularly used by more than one person day in day out, you might want to spend a little more.

We hope this brief guide to choosing the best pull up bar has been useful and helps youfind the right product for your situation and circumstances.