Workout Preparation– Olympic Style

The Olympic Games is often an inspirational catalyst for improving one’s fitness and if you want to match the fitness levels of the athletes participating in the various events, you will need the appropriate guidance. The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are set to be an exciting display of human strength, agility and skill, and with only a few months before the big event, it could serve as the ideal deadline for your athletic goals.

As you can imagine reaching Olympian levels is not going to be an easy task, but if you are already a keen fitness fan who is dedicated to taking things to the next level, then these top tips compiled using information acquired from Olympic athletes themselves will prove vital during your journey towards Olympic fitness.



Although you may assume that your diet is a healthy one, to optimise your fitness levels , you must cut-out all toxins including caffeine, alcohol, soda drinks and sugar. This is the advice Olympic Tennis Champion, Lindsay Davenport gives to athletes and anyone keen on improving their fitness. She also revealed that she would spend hours upon hours a day training for the Olympics and her one top tip was to do three-way-lunges, which involve stepping forward, then to the side then to back. Ten to twenty reps of these a day should be incorporated into your daily fitness regime.

Look After Your Mind

Even if you are the most competitive person in your circle of friends, you must remember that working out or being an athlete must be fun. You must enjoy what you do, otherwise what is the point? Take time out in between workouts to rest and repair your body and muscles and this way training will not seem so much of a chore when you return to training. Remember sports should be enjoyed and even during resting periods you can get your sports fix by watching games and even placing a few bets on your favourite sports. If your favourite athlete is taking part in a tournament, bet on it now, here at Betway, or simply keep up-to-date with the latest scores on their site while taking some well deserved rest.

Food is Fuel

Relying on bulking powders or believing you can eat what you want after a week of workouts is not going to get you into Olympian shape. Being a fit and healthy athlete is not about looks, it is about dedication to a healthy lifestyle to maintain and improve your athleticism. With this in mind, cut out junk food from your diet and stick to lean proteins such as soya-based products and ensure you diet is packed with grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits so you have the energy to keep up with all your vigorous workouts. Don’t think you have to eat meat either to obtain peak fitness as many Olympic champions were actually vegan or vegetarian throughout their lives or during preparation for the Games. Track and field legend Carl Lewis, martial arts fighter, Ronda Rousey and British cyclist Lizzie Armitstead all won medals while following a plant-based diet.



Obviously you will need to increase your intake of water during workouts and a whole lot more during vigorous training, but you also need to replace salts and minerals, otherwise known as electrolytes. Specialist sports drinks contain these, so look out for these when choosing drinks to quench your post-workout thirst. It is important to continue your hydration regime when not working out so be sure to drink at least two litres of water per day when not training. Olympic Decathlete, Trey Hardee recommends upping your water intake even if you don’t give your diet a complete overhaul as “it will make a difference”.