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Over the past 20 – 30 years there has been a revolution in gym occupancy and during which time women have become equal to men. Many years ago we ladies did the aerobics stuff, and that was it. It was inconceivable back then to think that we would be doing circuit work and weights. How do you feel about that change in equality?

The internet is now filled with women contributing to health and well-being articles and here’s an opportunity to have your say about a whole range of interesting aspects of staying healthy, lifting weights and attending a gym. Do we have time for all this healthy stuff while we have the kids to look after, the washing to do, the shopping each week, working, and cooking wholesome meals? Well, we would if we handed half those chores to the partner!

What was your greatest challenge when you decided to get fit? It’s not easy to maintain that svelte figure so you can keep wearing that sexy cocktail dress. There are millions of women out there that need a bit of motivation, some secrets unlocked or just some common ground to have a chat about keeping fit, losing weight and staying healthy.

As a contributor to this website, you will get recognition because your name remains at the bottom of the submission. Get involved in some discussion about a really popular topic in today’s world. I bet there’s an unknown writer in there, deep down where you really live. By writing for this website, you will be seen by thousands of visitors the site gets monthly.

Examples of Guest Post Topics:

  1. Workout Guides
  2. Food Recipes
  3. Nutrition Guides
  4. Gym Reviews
  5. Alternative Medicine
  6. Personal Journeys
  7. Pre & Post Natal Fitness
  8. Mental Health
  9. Personal Training
  10. Sports Injuries

How easy is it? Just send us your blog and we will do the rest. We can add the appropriate links and photos and do all the formatting. Release that inner writer and become a guest blogger. As a ‘sometimes’ writer, you are not tied to a weekly or daily schedule. You just write when you feel like it. Eventually, if your blogs are well received, you will find that websites will invite you to write. How would that feel? You also get to write things about which you are passionate.