Here at Women Muscle’s, we don’t claim to know everything but we do know a thing or two.

The team have a wealth of experience in fitness, personal training and physiotherapy which together, provides some pretty sound advice.

Over a year ago we were asked to attend a local secondary school to promote the benefits of fitness to their female students. This was a great experience for our team and the feedback was fantastic as we were told we inspired many girls to start working out and taking care of their health and fitness.

From here we’ve appeared at many fitness seminars and expo’s around the UK, showing off what we do, what we know and the transformations we’ve helped to achieve.

Seminars are a great way to learn more in a fun, informal and dedicated environment, where you can listen to what we say, watch some demos of our workouts and importantly speak to us face to face where we try our hardest to answer your questions, give you advice and of course take some selfies with you.

We try to attend 3 to 4 seminars a year and these seminars take place all around the the UK. We keep our readers updated on our latest seminars on our news and blog section so if you’re looking to attend our next seminar, then follow our blog closely as that’s where all the details will be released.

We can’t wait to meet some of our Women Muscle readers!

If you have any questions in the meantime or can’t wait to speak to us in person, then why not head over to our contact us page, fill in the form and a member of the team will be touch with you soon!