Free Weights Essential for Home Workouts

Muscles do not know the difference between free weights, machines, or bands. All they understand is load, fatigue, and recovery. Stressing muscles is what makes them stronger. For home workouts, free weights are an essential if you do not have regular access to a gym. You still need to work on strength training even if […]

Prime time for fitness channel

Away from the mud-slinging of the House of Commons, David Cameron is known for keeping fit through weekly runs. Matt Roberts, the personal trainer who helped the prime minister to get “fit, focused, and ready” for the election, is launching an online fitness channel that he has dubbed “the Netflix of Fitness”. Body.Network, as the […]

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Pull Up Bar

If you are in the market for a pull up bar and have only started looking, it may not seem as if this could be a particularly difficult task.  However, take a closer look at the wide range of products and prices available and you may see things differently.  In this article though, we will […]

Half an hour of walking better than gym for losing weight

A brisk 30-minute walk five days a week is more effective than any other form of exercise for keeping weight down, a major study has concluded. The benefits of “high impact” walking outweigh those from keep-fit activities including running, swimming and working out at the gym, according to researchers at the London School of Economics […]

Brisk walking is best exercise of all, study finds

Forget the expensive gym membership, getting up early on a Sunday to play five-a-side or adult ballet classes – the best way to keep weight down is a simple brisk walk, a major study has concluded. Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science found that people appear to get more benefit from […]